A list of great mythical dog names for your pup. Aikido Japanese for harmony; spirit or energy.

To the Vikings, the Pleiades were Freyja's hens, and their name in many old European languages such as Hungarian compares them to a hen with chicks.

Girl dog names that start with A. Annie; Amy; Arabella; Agatha; Angie; Ash; Adora; Alicia; Abbie; Adelle; Female dog names that start with B. Bella; Binky; Beth; Bree; Becky; Blissa;

Diana: the goddess of the hunting and nature. A cleverly curated list, designed to celebrate your green-eyed cat's best attributes, from gems to comics and literature to celebrities.

Darcy ( Pride and Prejudice) Dorothy ( The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) Eloise ( Eloise at the Plaza) Emma ( Emma) Gandalf ( The Lord of the Rings) Gatsby ( The Great Gatsby) Ginny ( Harry Potter) Gretel ( Hansel and Gretel) Gulliver ( Gullivers

A dog-like or wolf-like creature that drinks the blood of goats and other livestock. Mythology-Inspired Names.


Greek Mythology Names for Boys.

Chinese mythology is far from monolithic, not being an integrated system, even among just Han people.

Andreas 4). In contemporary Danish the cluster is known as Sharvara one of the two dogs that guards the netherworld. They feature in Homeric poems.

Daphne is a Greek nymph (or minor goddess), associated with fountains, springs, and other bodies of water, which would make a great name for any water-loving dog breed. 190 Unique Witch Names for Cats From History, Myth and Literature. Alva meaning "elf". Dog Names Inspired by Greek Goddesses.

"Poppy" makes a good girl dog name and it is also a beautiful red flower, the perfect name for a red female puppy. 350 + Nerdy Dog Names Geeky Names For Your Canine 50 Male Nerdy Dog Names Source. According to the Second Branch of the Mabinogi, Brn the Blessed (called Bendigeidfran) was a giant king of Britain.He was the son of the divine figure Llr.After his sister Branwen was mistreated by her husband the Irish king Matholwch, Brn led an attack on Ireland (the text

Powerful Dog Names With Meaning.

Bless holiness.

Female Dog Names From the Arts Annie Thena Eros Gertrude Tucson Ceylon Cee Bee Emma Pigalle Milan From Music Cardi Lilith Fendi Brittney Courtney Baby Mandy Black Heart

Opochtli (Greek origin) means "God of hunting and fishing". Brn m Welsh Mythology Means "raven" in Welsh.

If interested in Greek mythology, you can name Unisex Dog Names. A

Artemis goddess of the hunt, young maidens, and later on the goddess of the moon. Bailey. Diana is

For more Celebrity dog names, use our search function! force a term to be included by preceding it with a + sign; force a term to be excluded by preceding it with a -sign; example: +greek +(legend myth) -zeus matches Greek names of myths or legends not about Zeus

Just ask Lucy, Ree Drummond's six-year-old yellow lab and the only girl in the Drummond's canine crew.

The following are some unique literature and mythological pet names ideas: 1.

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The word sharvara


Molly. The following are some of our favorite Greek dog names for your female fur baby: Achlys.

Sabrina The teenage witch of course! Shvan means dog in Sanskrit. Angel Messenger of God. Hilda Sabrinas aunt. Thalia (Goddess of festive celebrations) Athena (Goddess of reason,

Arial The lion of God.

Vallita. While the Orion One of these evil female names might just be the right fit for a little girl's first or middle name.


that is best remembered for his work on popularizing

Angelos: one of Zeus and Heras daughters.

We have filtered the latest 500+ Female Dogs name from the database over 5 lacs.

Dog names based on Roman mythology have been used since Roman mythology was still treated as truth.

Its a Greek word that means goddess.. Female Super-Villain Names From Mythology and Religion. Brigid Female Magical Dog Names.

Odin (Norse mythologys most important god) Odysseus (hero of Homers The Odyssey) Phoebe (Titan associated with the intellect) Pluto (Greek god of the underworld) A list of names in which the usage is Celtic Mythology. Aurora Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew. Unicorn Many cultures have independently created unicorn myths, including India, China, Mesopotamia, and Greece.

Or view mythical dog names for boys instead.

Oringo ( African origin) means "hunter". Along with Eloise and Scarlett, other literary girl names in the US Top 300 include Daisy, Harper, Juliet, Maisie, Harriet, Bella, Arya, and Evangeline.

Theana. 120+ Brown Female Dog Names for Gold, Red, and Chocolate Coats.

Here are some Norwegian names for dogs that are mostly girl dog names. Chinese mythology includes many varied myths from regional and cultural traditions. That means Lucy hasthat's rightsix brothers. By Barbara Fitzgerald Jul 2, 2022. Attila ( Attila the Hun, tribal leader of the Huns) Bullock ( Sandra Bullock, American actress) Faulkner ( William Faulkner, American author) Houdini ( Harry Houdini, Tough Female Names Summary.

Unique Dog NamesAlbertAlfredAmadeusAtticusAuroraBeatriceBroderickBrutusByronCedricMore items 3). Stella. The name of the Goddess of the moon from Inuit mythology. Sadie.

Our top picks for literary names for girl dogs include: Alice (Alices Adventures in Wonderland) Aouda (Around the World in Eighty Days) Arwen (The Lord of the Rings) Arya As the Victorians made their way through the 19th century, the names they chose reflected the changing attitudes, expectations, and values of the times.

Originating from Greek culture, Cerberus Bellona Ancient Roman goddess of war.

Chinese mythology (; Zhnggu shnhu) is mythology that has been passed down in oral form or recorded in literature in the geographic area now known as China.

Aeolus. In Greek mythology, the stars of Pleiades represented the Seven Sisters.The constellation was also described as "heptaporoi", by poet Aratus.. Norse mythology. There are a number of dogs in Hindu mythology. General Literary Dog Names Daisy, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Dorothy, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum Emma, Emma by Jane Austen Finn, Adventures of Maia: was the Roman goddess of spring and plants, and was the mother of Mercury. They also work great for fictional super-villains.

Dafina. Sometimes the names of mythical creatures and figures from mythology also make badass dog names which also

Athena goddess of wisdom.

110 Unique Names for Cats With Green Eyes Find the perfect name for your kitty from over 100 unique names for cats with green eyes.

Finding the best girl dog names for your new puppy can be a difficult task, but it is important to take this process seriously as it will impact your new Associated with Canis Major.

You can choose the name for 85.

This is typically a boys name, meaning inescapable. In Greek myth, he is a legendary King of Argos. Bliss

Glinda The beautiful Mythical Dog Names for Girl Dogs.

flickr.com. Spiritual dog names.

Well, its safe to say that any of the following names are fairly unique:ArloBroncDiorDominoElvisFinnFranklyGeorgie AnnGizmoGrierMore items

Daisy. He also plays a key role in Homers Odyssey. Swahili word that means precious..

Aralez (mythology) Argos (dog) Axehandle hound Azeban B Barghest Bhairava Black dog (folklore) The Black Dog of Newgate Black Shuck Bran and Scelang Bulgae C Cadejo Calygreyhound Aiakos: one of the judges of the dead.

By Barbara Fitzgerald Jul 2 Names.

25 Greek Goddess Names for Naming Your Female Dog.

Sharik, the astray dog who undergoes a transformation

The article includes unique names from myth, history, and literature.

Names Reflect Society. There are many names of female demons, witches, creatures, and goddesses in world mythology that can make stunning and unique baby girl names.

It is one of the more common Norwegian names. Erebos: darkness. Origin: Greek; Meaning: Goddess of the eternal night; Description: According to Greek Asher Hebrew for blessed, fortunate. Top 10 Badass Dog Names. In Greek mythology and Roman mythology, a harpy (plural harpies, Ancient Greek: , romanized: hrpyia, pronounced ; Latin: harpia [citation needed]) is a half-human and half-bird personification of storm winds.

Argos Odysseuss dog Aries A golden ram Artemis Apollos twin brother Athena Goddess of wisdom Athens A city in Greece Atlas A titan who holds up the celestial heavens for

Lily (The House of Mirth)Lolita (Lolita)Macbeth (Macbeth)Marlowe (The Big Sleep)Pipi (Pipi Longstocking)Scarlett (Gone with the Wind)Sherlock (A Study in Scarlet)Nana (Peter Pan)Oliver (Oliver Twist)Pongo (The Hundred and One Dalmatians)More items

Penelope is a name from Greek mythology; she was the wife of Odysseus in Homers Odyssey.It has two possible origin storiesPenelope was either derived from the Greek This boy name is of Greek origin, meaning variable, changeable. In Greek myth, he is the god of winds.

Bia Greek goddess of force and raw energy. Check the names you like the best to save them to your

Atlas, the name of the titan condemned to hold up the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, can be a good name for courageous male dogs that are strong physically and From a small pool of family names to a wide range of exotic, ancient, religious, and arts-based monikers, Victorian girls names expanded as the world did.

Toto, Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum.

Strong Female Dog NamesPoppyPortiaPrincessQueenRavenRemyRebelRileyRioRiverMore items Res rustica, a work on agriculture that was written by Columella at some Aphrodite goddess of love. 64. Perhaps the most well known and famous of all dog-like mythological creatures is the three headed hound of the Underworld, Cerberus. Charon: the Ferryman. List of Top Literary Dog Names for Male and Female Puppies Quixote Don Quixote Siren Violet Lemony Snicket Sansa Game of Thrones Cujo from Stephen Kings book Distinctive female character

by Sara Nelson April 19, 2020, 7:52 pm.

Some of the names are from famous movies, books, comics and with theme. Adrastos. Dont be surprised to encounter girl puppies named Princess , Jasmine , Nala , Arya, or Minnie in the puppy playgroup.

From Ancient Egypt to Norse mythology, you can find many great names inspired by these old stories. Hecate : magic & witchcraft, ghosts, the moon. Girl Dog Names From Norway. Buffy The vampire slayer, a slayer of magical creatures.

84. Hera It means bright like a star.. Bruno Lichtenstein, the dog in the homonymous short-story by Rubem Braga.